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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dick Gordon Flown Artifacts

We are pleased to announce that Apollo 12 Command Module Pilot, Dick Gordon has just sent us some more artifacts from his personal collection. What better way can there be to obtain historic space memorabilia than direct from an Apollo Astronaut!

The newly added artifacts include:

Dick Gordon's Flown Apollo 12 Robbins Medallion
Flown on Apollo 12 and minted from a silver ingot recovered from a Spanish Shipwreck in 1715 

Dick Gordon's Flown Gemini XI Fliteline Medallion (Gold)
Sterling silver with a gold plating, this Fliteline medallion flew to Earth Orbit aboard Gemini XI in September 1966
Six Flown Landing Site Landmark Maps
These maps which have been printed onto satin finish photographic paper show Fra Mauro (Apollo 14 landing site) and the Descartes Region (Apollo 16 Landing site) of the Moon, and were used by Command Module Pilot, Dick Gordon while he orbited the moon during the Apollo 12 mission.

Plus some other non flown items

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