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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Alan Bean Art Prints

We have given our Alan Bean Art Prints page a complete overhaul, and added all of the currently available limited edition art prints and Giclee Canvas prints. Each has been hand signed by Alan Bean with many being co-signed by other Astronauts such as Alan Shepard, Pete Conrad and Harrison Schmitt

Apollo 12 Flown Checklist Card Acrylics

Following on from our Apollo 14 and Apollo 16 Flown Artifact Acrylics, we are happy to announce our new Apollo 12 Flown Acrylic presentations.

Measuring 7 inches wide, 3 inches high and 1.5 inches thick, this presentation is a very high quality and spectacular piece, made by actual acrylic casting, and containing a large tri-angular piece of checklist cover card that flew to lunar orbit on Apollo 12

Apollo 17 Medallions with Flown To The Lunar Surface Metal

Moonpans released these Apollo 17 medallions in 2013 and they have been one of the most popular items we have ever sold. Each Medallion has been minted partly using metal that was Flown To The Lunar Surface.

The Medallions come housed in a protective plastic case, plus you get a free plastic stand and a Moonpans COA card