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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Apollo 11 Signed - Mecury 7 Signed

Apollo 11 Crew Signed Presentation

This framed presentation features an authentic Neil Armstrong cut signature beneath a stunning 16x20 inch photo signed by Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins. Framed using archival materials and UV protective plexiglass. Also included are two 3 inch patches from AB Emblem. Comes with Moonpans COA and the Armstrong also comes with Scott Cornish COA

Mercury 7 Signed photo

Vintage sepia toned matte-finish 9.25 x 7.5 group photo, featuring the Mercury 7 astronauts admiring a large model of the Mercury rocket, signed in the wide bottom border in blue ballpoint, by ALL 7 Mercury Astronauts. An inscription in another hand across the top reads, “To Bob & Lois Stubbs, With Best Wishes and Many Thanks For the Good Weekend. The Mercury Astronauts.” Matted to an overall size of 14 x 12.

Re-stocked items

We have just added some more Charlie Duke Guided Tour prints which have been sold out for some time, there are 2 different prints, one where Charlie has Signed and Inscribed features around the Apollo 16 landing site, and the other where Charlie has signed and labelled features around Plum and Flag Craters.

We have also just re-stocked our 20x16 signed photos of Apollo 14 Moonwalker, Edgar Mitchell standing next to the US Flag at Fra Mauro

Mars Panoramas

After the successful landing of the Curiosity Rover, remember that we also have a sister site where you can buy large Mars Panoramic prints from the Spirit and Opportunity rovers. You can also browse QTVR 360 degree movies of the Martian Surface which really give you the impression of being there