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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Wall Size Apollo Murals - Space Models

Wall Size Apollo Lunar Surface Murals

We are please to announce these fantastic new Moonpan backdrops. Printed on heavy duty vinyl and shipped as a roll free within the USA. These murals are large enough to cover an entire wall giving you a full scale view of the Lunar Surface from your bedroom, office or Class Room. We have a few preset sizes but you are welcome to give us your own bespoke sizes. USA customers only - Email us if you are outside the USA

16x20 Signed Apollo Photos

We have added 2 new 16x20 inch signed photos:

Space Models

We have revamped our Space Models page with 8 fantastic models from Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Soyuz.

Apollo 14 Flown Beta Cloths

We still have some Apollo 14 Flown Beta Cloths remaining, a great flown item at a reasonable price