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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Apollo 14 Flown Betas - Apollo 17 Flown Checklist page

Apollo 14 Flown Beta Cloths

We have several of these beautiful Apollo 14 Beta Cloth Patches, each 9x9 inches bearing the Apollo 14 Mission emblem. Each has been hand signed and inscribed as “Flown To The Moon On Apollo 14” by Edgar Mitchell. The quality of Mitchell’s signature varies from patch to patch, so we will send out the best quality signatures on a first come first served basis.

Apollo 17 Flown To The Lunar Surface Checklist Page with Lunar Dust

This page from the Apollo 17 Lunar Module Checklist deals with tasks that Cernan and Schmitt had to perform about 30mins after the first EVA, such as removing the PLSS and Space Suit. It also deals with storing lunar rock samples and because of this, the page has become smudged with Lunar Dust. The page has been stamped as ‘Landed on the Moon Aboard The Apollo 17 LM ‘Challenger’” and hand signed by Gene Cernan.

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