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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Apollo 13 Flown Item - Wright Bros Check

This segment of Armalon Seat Material was flown aboard the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission to the Moon in April 1970 as part of the couch material in the Command Module, Odyssey

A historically significant check made payable to C.E. (Charles) Taylor, the designer and builder of the first practical engine that made the First Flight of December 17, 1903 possible

Apollo 15 Flown Cover - Mercury 7 Autographs

Apollo 15 Cover Flown to the Lunar Surface

This is one of the infamous Apollo 15 flown covers first confiscated and later released by NASA during the Apollo 15 Covers Scandal. This particular cover is from the Apollo 15 Crew's batch of 298 covers, which travelled to the lunar surface along with 100 covers for German Stamp dealer Hermann Sieger. All 398 covers were un-authorized for flight and when Sieger started to sell his covers it caused a scandal and NASA were forced to remove the Apollo 15 Crew form flight status and confiscated the covers. Only in 1983 did Al Worden successfully sue the government to have the 298 covers returned to the crew.

Mercury 7 Autographs

This really is beauty, and one of the most collectible Astronaut signed photos there is, the complete set of Mercury 7 Astronaut signatures on the classic US Air Force F-106b Fighter Jet Photo.