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Thursday, September 09, 2010

John Young 16x20s - Apollo 17 Descent Map

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Rare and Unique John Young Signed 16x20 inch prints

Brand new acquisitions from the largest and most renowned collection of its kind. These stunning 16x20inch glossy prints have been signed by John Young with long and unique mission inscriptions. You rarely find Young prints with such long inscriptions as these!

This 8x10 descent map was used by Gene Cernan to track the lunar module's powered descent to the surface of the moon on Apollo 17 and spent three days on the lunar surface in the lunar module. This is not just a souvenir, but a vital navigation item that was used by Cernan during the descent phase to the lunar surface. A similar map from Apollo 16 sold for over $33,000 at auction

Earth rising over the Lunar Horizon is the classic shot from Apollo 8, and one of the most reproduced photos of all time. Here in glorious 16x20 inches, we have them signed in silver pen by Apollo 8 Commander, Frank Borman