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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Apollo 11 Crew Autographs - Apollo 16 Flown Strap

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This 8.5 x 11 inch glossy photo signed by all three of the Apollo 11 Crew is very special because it actually shows Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface!. There are famously no good photos of Neil on the moon, which means there are no good signed photos of Neil on the Moon, but this photo was printed from the 16mm movie camera which filmed Neil and Buzz from the Lunar Module.

Apollo 16 Flown Bungee Strap

This is the 2nd Apollo 16 Flown Bungee Strap we have offered, this one is over 14 inches long and was flown to lunar orbit and used on Apollo 16 to hold items still in Zero Gravity.

The strap consists of 2 large heavy cloth pieces with snap fasteners joined together by a long metal spring, and comes from the personal collection of Commander John Young. it is archivally framed along with a COA signed by Young, with two 4inch AB Emblem patches.

More Flown Robbins Medallions

The latest in our series of Flown Robbins Medallions, this time we are offering an Apollo 10 Flown Medallion, and rarely offered for sale medallions from Skylab 3 and the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project

REDUCED! Apollo 10 Flown US Flag

This Apollo 10 Flown US Flag has been lowered in price by $500, so hurry it wont be around for long!


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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Apollo 10 Flown US Flag

3 New items added to our Apollo Flown Items Page
6x4 inch US Flag Flown on Apollo 10, the final dress rehearsal mission before the first manned moon landing, which tested all the vital Lunar Module and Command Module maneuvers in Lunar Orbit. US Flags are the most sought after Lunar Flown Flags, and this one has been hand inscribed by Apollo 10 Astronaut Gene Cernan as, "Flown To The Moon On Apollo 10 - Gene Cernan LMP". It also comes with a photograph of Cernan holding the presentation.

This 10.5" x 8" inch Lunar Map, from Apollo 17 Commander Gene Cernan's personal collection was used during the Apollo 17 Mission to help the Astronauts observe features on the Moon's Surface from Lunar Orbit. It has been printed on a glossy plastic type paper and has a Certification label attached to it which reads, "The Crew used this Apollo 17 CSM Lunar Landmark Map to study the Moon from Lunar Orbit - Gene Cernan - Eugene A. Cernan Apollo 17 Commander"

This Plastic Bag was used to house Beta Cloth Patches and was flown to lunar orbit on the Apollo 14 mission. The bag has been signed and certified on the front by Ed Mitchell. The front also has the official NASA inspection white room stamp and there are remnants of the flown beta cloths patches inside.