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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flown Robbins Medallions

Apollo Flown Robbins Medallions

We have started a new section on our Space Flown Items page dedicated just to Flown Robbins Medallions, cast from Sterling Silver these medallions are approximately 25-32mm in diameter. First up are flown medallions from Apollo 9, Apollo 12 and Apollo 13, with more to come soon. Each one comes with excellent Astronaut provenance

Apollo 17 Flown Checklist Page with Lunar Dust

The last page we put up with lunar dust got snapped up almost immediately so here is another fine example. This is page 7-5 / 7-6 from the Apollo 17 LM Checklist. It deals with the procedures the crew needed to do immediately after EVA 3, hence the lunar dust! It also bares handwritten notations made while on the lunar surface.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Apollo Flown Artifact with Lunar Dust

Not only is this a great Flown to the Lunar Surface item from Apollo 17, but it also contains a significant amount of Lunar Dust form the Valley of Taurus Littrow. It is illegal to buy or sell Moonrocks from Apollo, so this item is one of the only ways to legally own some Lunar material.
The page itself was used by the crew in the LM on the lunar surface, and contains annotations that were hand written whilst on the Lunar Surface.

Gemini 9 Flown Heatshield Fragment

This Lucite encapsulated fragment of the Gemini 9 heat shield is from the personal collection of Astronaut Gene Cernan, who has inscribed the piece as 'Flown heat shield from Gemini 9 – Spacewalk from Hell – From my personal collection Gene Cernan

After being sold out, we have re-stocked one of our most popular items, the Buzz Aldrin signed 40x8 inch panorama. A unique collectible form mans first landing on the moon