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Friday, May 21, 2010

Apollo 11 Signed WSS - Dave Scott Panoramas

Apollo 11 Un-inscribed WSS Portraits

This framed piece contains the signed WSS Portraits of all 3 of the Apollo 11 Crew, including the holy grail of space autographs, an un-inscribed Neil Armstrong WSS. The portraits have been framed using archival materials and UV protective glazing alongside 2 AB Emblem patches and a brass plaque.

Dave Scott Signed Panoramas

We have re-stocked our sold-out signed color ALSEP panoramas by Dave Scott, and also re-introduced an old favorite that we haven't sold for a long time. A Dave Scott signed pan from Station 2. This B+W pan shows Scott working on the side of Mount Hadley Delta with Hadley Rille meandering off into the distance.

We only have a couple of each, so they wont be around for long

Friday, May 07, 2010

Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 Flown Checklist

Apollo 11 Flown Checklist Page

This page from the Flown Apollo 11 Checklist shows the Evasive Maneuver Burn Chart. This was used during the coast to the Moon, when the Apollo 11 Crew were extracting the Lunar Module 'Eagle' from the 3rd stage of the Saturn V Rocket.

Apollo 12 Flown Checklist Page

This page from the Flown Apollo 12 Launch Operations Checklist shows a chart that would be used if the Apollo 12 Crew needed to abort during the latter stages of launch, just before reaching Earth Orbit.

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Gemini 10 cover signed by John Young and Mike Collins
hard to find signed by both crew members

Apollo 10 Signed Cover
Cover signed by all 3 of the Apollo 10 crew, John Young, Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford

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Apollo Prints

If you need an un-signed print for a signing or show, then Moonpans is the place to get it. All of our Panoramas and Standard Apollo Photos are the highest quality you can find. Using enhanced ultra hi-res digital images printed onto Fuji Crystal Archive paper.