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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Gene Cernan Autographs - Marspans

Gene Cernan Guided Tour Prints

In the past we have offered several Apollo panoramas with Astronaut hand written labelled features, from Alan Bean, Charlie Duke, Ed Mitchell and Dave Scott, but for the first time we now have available Guided Tour prints from Apollo 17's Gene Cernan!
There are 2 different prints to choose form The Station 5 panorama show Harrison Schmitt running to the Rover near Camelot Crater, and the second is the magnificent vista at Shorty crater. Cernan has hand labled features in the images such as the Massifs, craters and even the spot where Orange Soil was discovered
Also available are standard signed prints by Cernan of the landing site

This site does what it says on the tin! Its like Moonpans but for Mars....
The site is not finished yet, but you can get a first look at the new Marspans site, browse the 360 degree QTVR panoramas, and buy high quality Mars panoramic prints.
More stuff will be added soon
Visit the new Marspans website


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