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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Street View on the Moon

Google earth recently released moon section for google earth which they say includes a new 'Street View for the Moon'.

Well Moonpans have been doing this for years!

Our Street View for the Moon panoramas are far superior to the google versions!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Apollo 11 Autographs

Hi all, and happy 40th Anniversary to Apollo 11!

Apollo 11 Crew Signatures

So what better way to mark this occasion than to release a fantastic framed piece signed by the complete crew of Apollo 11. This piece features an Apollo 11 Mission Profile Card signed in blue ballpoint pen by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins. Framed using archival materials with an Apollo 11 Panorama and mission photographs.

Comes with a COA from Scott Cornish

Apollo 15 Flown Map

This section of Lunar Map spent 6 days in lunar orbit and was used by the crew during the mission, it has been framed along with 2 AB emblem patches and brass plaque.

Apollo 16 Flown Medalets

The Apollo 16 Flown Medalets are proving to be very popular, and we now only have 6 remaining out of the 15 we had for sale. So if you are interested in one of these great flown items, they wont be around for much longer!

Apollo Photos

With all the upcoming Astronaut Signings and Autograph Shows, our Panoramic Prints are the perfect choice for a item to get signed. Made from extremely hi-resolution images our panoramic prints can be printed from 23 inches wide up to 10 feet wide as actual photographic prints on Fuji Crystal Archive paper.

Friday, July 17, 2009

LRO Images the Apollo Landing Sites

These amazing photos taken by the Lunar Reconnaisssance Orbiter (LRO) show the closest ever orbital photos of the Apollo landing sites.

The Lunar Modules appear as a small white dot, but as the sun was at a low angle, their shadows are more prominent.

In the Apollo 14 image you can clearly see the tracks made by the Astronauts while they pulled their MET across the surface.

I have overlaid the Apollo 14 image over the Apollo 14 traverse map, and the features match exactly, with Doublet craters to the top left, and Triplet craters to the bottom right.
The LM and ALSEP also match up.

Cone Crater is not visible in this image, but is about 1 mile to the North East

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Apollo 16 Flown Medalets

Hi all, here is the newsletter for July

Apollo 16 Flown Medalets

We are very pleased to announce 2 fantastic limited editions of Apollo 16 flown collectibles.

The first of which are Apollo 16 Flown medalets, these are small metal Apollo 16 emblems, that were flown to Lunar Orbit on Apollo 16 and come from the personal collection of Commander John Young.

Whats great about these is that they are complete and intact flown items, that are under $1,000! Most Apollo flown items for under $1,000 are cut pieces of cloth, Kapton foil or small bits of heat shield. But these medalets are whole, and untouched, mint items.

They have been framed with a small Apollo 16 Moonpan, 2 patches and a brass plaque. And come with a numbered COA. These are being offered to list members first, and will then be offered worldwide, so if you want one you better be quick!

(part 2 of this series is coming soon.............)

Free Gift for Apollo 11 Crew Items

During the month of July, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11, we are giving away a FREE Apollo 16 Guided Tour Panorama, with hand written inscriptions by Charlie Duke, when you buy any of our Complete Apollo 11 Crew Signed Items.

The 2 items are:

Apollo 11 Signed insurance cover

And Apollo 11 Crew Autographs

Large Size Apollo Prints

If you are looking for items to get signed at this years Autograph shows, and signings, dont forget that our panoramic prints are available at several large sizes, and will look spectacular when signed by your favorite astronauts