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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Astronaut Signed Covers - Apollo 11 Crew Autographs

Hi All
Here is the Moonpans Newsletter for August

Astronaut Signed Covers

We have a fantastic collection of rare and not so rare Astronaut Signed Covers for sale this month, covering most missions from Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. Starting today with 5 Mercury Covers, to be followed next week with a large number of Gemini Signed Covers, and the following week with the Apollo signed Covers
The Mercury Signed covers are online now

Apollo 11 Crew Signatures

We have just put up one of our ever popular Apollo 11 Crew signed presentations. These are a framed piece that contains all three signatures of the Apollo 11 Crew. The Armstong and Collins come with COAs from Authentication Expert Scott Cornish, and the Aldrin is on one of our own Moonpans panoramas.

Own a piece of Moonrock!

These are great little collectibles, especially for kids. A small piece weighing less than 0.02g of Lunar meteorite NWA 4483. Presented in a 2 1/8 by 1 1/4 inches box and styled to many different choices of imagery from the Apollo Missions.

Apollo Photos

Moonpans will be appearing at the 3 big Space Autograph shows coming up, Autographica, ASF and Spacefest. Our un-signed prints are the best you can find, so if you want your astronaut autographs on the best quality photographs look for us there, or buy online now!

Don't forget to check out our -

Astronaut Autographs

Apollo Flown Items

Mike Constantine

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Astronaut Signed Covers

I will soon be adding to a collection of Astronaut Signed Covers for sale.
Most missions from Mercury, Gemini and Apollo will be represented. Some are single Astronauts, and some full crews.

I will be adding them to the link below starting this week, with Mercury, followed by Gemini next week, and finally Apollo the week after that.
To keep informed when each group goes on sale, there is a link on the page below to our mailing list

Astronaut Signed Covers

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Moonpans Newsletter July 08 Michael Collins Autographs

Hi All!

Michael Collins AutographsMike Collins Signatures

We have just got in some fabulous 16x20 inch photos signed by Apollo 11 CMP Michael Collins, there are 2 choices available. The classic shot that Mike took of the LM returning from the lunar surface just as Earth was rising in the background, and the other shot is another beautiful Earthrise.


Charlie Duke AutographsCharlie Duke Handwritten Presentation

Handwritten letters by Moonwalkers are very rare, especially if they are writing about their time on the Moon. So these Handwritten pieces by Charlie Duke are truly unique items. Charlie writes all about his experience on the Moon in his own hand on a photo that includes one of our Moonpan panoramas at the top.

The pieces are available Framed or UN-Framed


Apollo Photos

Alongside our Apollo Photographic Panoramas, we also sell classic single photos from the Apollo Missions. These are perfect if you are going to an Autograph show, as they are of a very high quality both in image and paper. We have just improved our Apollo Photos section, so you can now choose from 4 different sizes, 8x10 inch, 11x14 inch, 16x20inch and 30x20inch.


Dont forget the Fabulous Apollo 12 Flown Maps on our Flown Items Page

And our Astronaut Signed Prints, several of which are nearly sold out

Apollo Panoramas



Mike Constantine