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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Apollo Archive Film from Footagevault

A new online film archive specialising in Space footage has just been developed by Dr Chistopher Riley worked on the BBC space history series 'The Planets' and the new Apollo Documentary film "In The Shadow Of The Moon". And Alex Kandaurov, a Russian video reasearcher who spent many years recovering Russian 20th Century history footage.

The site is fully searchable allowing users to find movie clips from a wide variety of space missions. Footage is available in many formats, from free low resolution clips, to full broadcast quality clips.


June 2008 - New Alan Bean Signed Photos

Hi All,

Just a quick newsletter to announce some new Alan Bean Signed prints!

40 x 8 inch Guided Tours

This is one of most popular prints ever, and has sold out twice! So we got some more but half of them have sold already, our Guided Tour Prints are where the Moonwalker has hand written and arrowed features in the panorama.

16x20 inch prints

Our first 16x20 inch Alan Bean Signed prints, we have 2 to choose from. The B+W head on shot of Bean with the lunar Toolkit, and the color shot of Bean Descending the LM ladder

23 inch Foot Pad panorama

Also a sold out print, this is now back in stock, it shows Bean photographing the LM footpads.

See all the new Bean Signed Prints at


Custom Box Canvas Prints

To add to our Panoramic Box Canvas Prints, we now offer you a complete custom choice of any NASA space photo, which we will source and print for you as a custom sized Box Canvas Print. Just email us your requests



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Mike Constantine