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Friday, May 09, 2008

May 2008 - Apollo 12 flown maps

Hi All

Here is the latest Moonpans newsletter

Apollo 11 Crew Signatures

We have just added another one of our most sort after items - our framed Apollo 11 Crew signed presentations.

This features the Autographs of all 3 Apollo 11 Crew members! A Belgian Stamp Block signature from Neil Armstrong, a cut signature from Mike Collins. And Buzz Aldrin is on one of our Signed Moonpans panoramas.

The piece is framed using UV Protective acrylic glazing, and acid free mats. You will need to get in quick if you want this piece, as there is a long waiting list for these!

Apollo 12 Flown Maps

We are extremely excited to announce not one, but 2 lunar maps flown to the moon on Apollo 12!
These maps are 10.5 inch x 8 inch, and were used on Apollo 12 by Dick Gordon as he orbited the moon. They both show the Apollo 16 Landing site, which Dick was scouting out on behalf of the Apollo 16 mission.

Each map is only $5,995 and that includes a Handwritten COA from Dick Gordon!

Apollo 12 Insurance Cover
This is a choice Apollo 12 Insurance Cover hand signed by the prime crew of Apollo 12 - Dick Gordon, Alan Bean and Pete Conrad. And if that isn't enough, it is also from the personal collection of Astronaut Jerry Carr, and he has signed the rear of the cover," From My Personal Collection - Jerry. Carr"

36 foot Moonpan at the Kansas Cosmosphere

If you visit the Kansas Cosmosphere this summer, checkout our new 36 foot Moonpan in the new Apollo Gallery at the famous Space Center!