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Friday, March 28, 2008

Photo Of Neil Armstrong On The Moon

As you may know, there were no good photos of Neil Armstrong taken on the moon. Mainly because he had the camera most of the time, and there was no official plan to take his photo in the flight plan.

Some might say Buzz should have taken one anyway, or that Neil should have asked for one, or it didnt occur to them as they had more inmortant things to do....

There are a couple of images of Neil on the Surface from the TV camera, the 16mm Film camera, and as part of a 70mm Panorama which only shows Neils back.

So I have taken it upon myself to add a new image to the list.

In the famous Visor Shot of Buzz, you can just see Neils reflection in Buzz's visor. So I got hold of a very hi-res scan of Buzz and zoomed in on the Visor. The cropped image was quite distorted and spherical, so I then had to do quite a bit of correction, stretching etc.

Lastly I corrected the gold tint and flipped the image to show a new full frontal photo of neil on the Lunar Surface as Buzz would have seen him.

The quality isnt great, but it is at least one more photo of Neil on the Moon!



Mike Constantine