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Friday, November 16, 2007

Apollo Flown Checklist pages

  1. Just a quick note to let you know that we have added some fabulous new Apollo Flown Checklist pages to our Flown Artefacts Page
    Apollo 12 Flown Checklist Page with mission notes by Alan Bean
    First is a page from the Apollo 12 Launch Operations Checklist, which was used just before launch to make sure all the command Module switches were correctly position. This page also contains mission notes by Alan Bean!!! The page is presented in a unique 26 page hardback Apollo 12 photo book, that was produced exclusively for the Page
    Apollo 13 Flown Lunar Module Systems Page
    This a page from the Apollo 13 LM systems book. It is a double sided page that contain two graphs of expected battery power, and RCS propellent levels during the vital parts of the LM's mission, such as un-docking, descent, landing, lunar take off etc.
    Apollo 13 is the most famous mission after Apollo 11, so this is truly a great piece of history!
    Moonwalker Signed Prints
    We have recently re-stocked some of our Moonwalker signed panoramas, take a look if you we have anything in stock that you might like!
    Coming Soon!
    More flown checklist pages
    Apollo 11 Crew signed pieces
    Thats all for now!
    Mike Constantine