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Monday, June 25, 2007

Giant Moonpan Backdrop at the Museum Of Flight

As part of their new exhibit "Space: Exploring the New Frontier" the Museum Of Flight in Seattle has just intalled a 26 feet long panorama by from the Apollo 17 mission.

Our panoramic images make perfect backdrops for Museum displays as their shape and size enable them to wrap around items such as Lunar Rovers and Lunar Modules.

In the Museum of flight exhibit, the Panorama shows Apollo 17 Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt using the lunar rake, and is displayed alongside a replica Lunar Rover and a replica Lunar Module assent stage above.

This is the latest of several giant backdrop images we have supplied to Museums, other establishments include the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, The SPACE A Journey to Our Future Exhibition, and The Mining Hall Of Fame Museum in Colorado

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Moonpans Newsletter May 2007

Hi All

Here is the latest news from

Apollo 11 Crew Signed Presentation

By popular demand we have released another of our Apollo 11 Crew signed presentations. These are framed pieces that contain the cut signatures of Neil Armstrong and Mike Collins, along with one of our own Buzz Aldrin signed panoramic prints. Each time we have released one of these they get snapped up straight away, so if you are interested, dont hesitate to let me know!

New Charlie Duke Guided Tour Panoramas

Not only have we just re-stocked our Apollo 16 landing Site panoramas signed by Duke, but he has also inscribed a small amount of them as a Guided Tour pan. In these Charlie has pointed out landmarks and Apollo hardware using handwritten notes.

Alan Bean Guided Tour Panoramas

We have also just re-stocked our Alan Bean Guided Tour Panoramas, which had previously sold out. In these Alan has hand written and labelled various points of interest at the Apollo 12 landing site

Panoramas for Autograph Shows

As it will soon be the Autogrpah show season, we have a fabulous collection of unsigned panoramas for you to get signed. The 2 big shows both have 5 Moonwalkers attending, Aldrin, Bean, Mitchell Duke and Cernan. So Moonpans will offer a 10% Discount to you if you decide to buy all 5 panoramas representing each of these Astronauts missions.

Full pans

Or Partial pans

Dave Scott Signed panoramas

Alternatively, you may like to buy one of our Dave Scott signed panoramas, thus enabling you to get a single panorama signed by one astronaut from all 6 lunar landing missions! Like this one which we offered last year

Apollo Flown Items

Dont forget, we now have a new Apollo Flown Items Page, which we will be adding to as soon as we can. At the moment there is an Apollo 12 Flown Patch from Dick Gordons Own Collection!

Wally Schirra 1923-2007

It is with great sadness that today I learnt of the passing of Wally Schirra, the only Astronaut to have flown on Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. He was a legendary Astronaut and a legendary personality, he will be deeply missed.

Mike Constantine

Moonpans Newsletter April 2007

Hi All! Here is the latest news form

Apollo 12 Flown Patch

This patch was flown to the moon on Apollo 12, it is mounted in a
wooden Navy plaque, with a plexi-glass front, and comes with a COA from
Dick Gordon. " "This Apollo 12 Crew patch was flown aboad yankee
Clipper And Intrepid to the Ocean Of Storms, November 14-24, 1969. It
is from my personal collection. Richard F Gordon Jr"

Apollo 11 Crew Signed Presentation

A magnificent Apollo 11 presentation containing all 3 signatures from
the crew of Apollo 11. The Aldrin being on one our 23x8 inch Panoramas
of East Crater, with Armstrong and Collins below along side a 4 inch
Apollo 11 Patch. The frame uses acid free mats and UV protective
acrylic glazing.

New Signed 16x20 Prints!

Apollo 8 - Jim Lovell Earthrise

Apollo 13 Lovell and Haise

Bruce McCandless

Recently Added Items

Schmitt and Young signed panoramas

Coming Soon!

New Charlie Duke signed panoramas,

New Gene Cernan signed panoramas,

More Alan Bean Guided Tour Panoramas,

We have also been collaborating on two museum pieces which use our
panoramic prints as a backdrop at around 25 feet wide each. I will post
pics when they are finished


Mike Constantine

Moonpans Newsletter March 2007

Hi All!
Moonpans are pleased to announce some new Signed Panoramas from John Young and Harrison Schmitt!!
John Young Signed Pans
There are two 40 inch John Young pans to choose from, the great pan of the Apollo 16 landing site, and a pan showing a close up of Young working at the lunar rover at Station 10. Both as usual are very high quality photographic prints printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper!

Harrison Schmitt Signed Pans
There are three 40 inch Harrison Schmitt pans to choose from, the stunning Shorty Crater pan at Station 4, a great shot of Schmitt using the lunar rake at Station 1, and the now famous pan of Schmitt running to the lunar rover at Station 5. There are also two 23 inch pans, at Tracy's Rock and at the SEP site. All are very high quality photographic prints printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper!

New Apollo Flown Items Page
We now have a page dedicated to Apollo Flown Items, which we hope to add to throughout the year with some fantastic flown to the moon items.
In stock at the moment is a page from the Flown Apollo 11 Flight Plan , that was flown on the most historical of all mission, the first lunar landing. Comes with a COA writted and signed by Buzz Aldrin!

Autographica 2007
Autographica is only one week away!! And once again Moonpans will have a stall in the Astronauts room selling our high quality photographic prints. We have been in-undated with requests for our 16x20 inch prints for the show. So much so that we have had to get more prints made! If you have not seen our prints yet, take a look at the link below.
You can pay for them and pick them up at the show, or just pay at the show!

See you there!

Mike Constantine

Moonpans Newsletter February 2007

Hi all, here is the first Moonpans newsletter of 2007, we've been very busy lately making a new home and office, but I'm glad to say that I can now get back to the more important business of offering some great new space collectables

Apollo 11 Flown Star Chart

This incredible piece features a page from the flight plan of Apollo 11 that was actually used onboard the first mission to land men on the moon! This rare star chart helped the crew to navigate their way back to the Earth, after leaving Lunar Orbit using the position of certain stars printed on the chart

Included in the price is a typed and signed COA from Buzz Aldrin! In which he describes how the chart was used during the mission.

The chart is archivally framed using UV-proof acrylic glazing and acid free mats, and is accompanied by a brass plaque and 2 AB mission patches.

More Charlie Duke Handwritten Presentations!

Back by popular demand, our Charlie Duke Handwritten Presentations. We only have a very small number of these great framed pieces. Totalling over 200 words of Charlie's handwritten text describing his experiences on the lunar surface. The last batch sold out in 24 hours! (Please note - Shipping for these will take place in late Feb 07)

Edgar Mitchell Signed DVD's

Dr Mitchell has authored and narrated this DVD entitled, "The View From Space - A Message Of Peace". The DVD is now available signed by Mitchell!

Autographica 2007

Its almost time for Autographica 2007, and once again Moonpans will have a table in the Astronaut signing room providing some great photographic prints for the guests to sign. And what great guests they are! Jim Lovell and Fred Haise from Apollo 13, Al Worden from Apollo 15, Bruce McCandless from the first un-tethered Space many more.

To see the prints we will be selling at the show look here: (No need to buy them now - save money and buy them at the show)

More signed panoramas

We have stocked up on many of our Moonwalker Signed Panoramas, and Guided Tour Panoramas

Coming Soon!

Schmitt and Cernan signed pans

John Young Signed pans

Apollo 11 crew signed presentations

Moonpans at Spacefest 07

Thanks and as always email me with any questions!

Mike Constantine

Moonpans Newsletter September 2006

Hi all! Here is the latest news from

New Buzz Aldrin Signed Panoramas and 16x20's

We are pleased to announce that we have just received some new signed 40 and 23 inch panoramas from the second man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin! We have also got a small number of 16x20 inch prints of the famous 'Visor' photo and Buzz next to the US Flag photo. All of our prints are of exceptional quality and have been hand signed in silver pen.


New Alan Bean signed prints and Guided Tour!

We have also just put up some great new pans signed by Alan Bean. The Guided Tour pan is the latest in our series of Moonwalker inscribed prints where the astronaut himself shows you around the lunar surface! And the new Footpad pan is offered for the first time signed by Bean.


New Saturn V model kit 7 ft high!!!!

In our Space Models section, is a new 7ft high Saturn V kit, that has the ability to actually fly, when used with the optional rocket motors! So if you think you are a dab hand with glue and paint, and if you have a lot of spare room, then this is for you!

Also available is a fantastic Saturn 1b kit


Un-signed prints

Dont forget that all of our prints are also available UN-signed! So if you are sending a print off to be signed, why not send a moonpan!


Coming Soon

New Charlie Duke Handwritten Presentation

Over 200 words, hand written by Charlie describing his first thoughts when stepping onto the lunar surface. On an exclusive panoramic print. This is in the same style as our Alan Bean handwritten presentation

There will only be a very small number of these!


That's all for now, as always please email us if you have any questions!


Mike Constantine

Moonpans Newsletter August 2006

Here is the latest news from!

Apollo 15 Official Insurance Covers!

These covers were produced by the Manned Spacecraft Center Stamp Club of Houston, and was signed by the crew of Apollo 15 shortly before their flight. The covers were then distributed to the families of the crew and used as insurance in the event that they did not come home. It was cancelled at Kennedy Space Center on the day of the launch and comes from the Irwin Family

A View From Space - Edgar Mitchell DVD

Authored and narrated by Dr. Edgar D Mitchell, moonwalker and visionary. His poignantly detailed message contains wisdom and inspiration for all ages and expands our vision for a much better world.

More Virtual Reality Panoramic Movies!

We have added 4 more movies to our to VR pans page since our last update. The new movies include Apollo 17 Shorty Crater, Apollo 17 EVA 3, and Apollo 16 Plum Crater. If you haven't seen these yet, check them out!


Don't forget to check out our current stock of:

Astronaut Signed Prints -

Unsigned Prints -

Alan Bean Signed Art prints -
USA Orders - now with free shipping to USA!
Non USA orders -

Giant Posters -

Coming Soon!

Buzz Aldrin Signed Panoramas

Charlie Duke Hand Written Presentation

Al Bean Signed pans and Guided Tours pans

Thanks, and as always feel free to email us for any questions you might have

Mike Constantine

Moonpans Newsletter March 2006

Hi, are very happy to offer a fantastic new collectable from Apollo 12 LMP Alan Bean. And a new Apollo 15 panorama

Alan Bean Hand Written Presentation
'On The Ocean OF Storms' features a unique Apollo 12 Panorama to which Alan has HAND WRITTEN an excellent description of his experiences while on the Lunar Surface.
Totalling over 180 words, this piece will be a treasured addition to any serious space collection.
Excerpt from On The Ocean OF Storms - By Alan Bean Apollo 12 LMP
' Later, as I was bounding to a new exploration site, I would look down and say to myself, "This is the Moon" And then I would look up at the small, beautiful, bright, blue and white sphere hanging in the mysterious, luminous black sky, and say to myself, "That is the Earth" '
Hand written pieces from Apollo Moonwalkers are very rare, especially when describing their feelings of walking on the Lunar Surface. Measures approx 16.5 inches x 11.5 inches (to enable framing at 16x10) And printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Alan Bean's hand written text is in fine blue sharpie.
They is only a handful of these so to avoid disappointment be sure to order quickly!

New Apollo 15 Panorama
We have added a great new Panorama from Apollo 15 at Station 9a. Showing Dave Scott at the rover which is parked next to Hadley Rille with St George Crater in the background
It is available as a High Quality Photographic Print from

Huge 32 feet wide Moonpan at Jet Propulsion Laboratory
If you happen to visit JPL headquarters in Pasadena, California, look out for a giant Moonpan of Apollo 17 Station 5, you cant miss it as it measures 32 feet wide by 8 feet high!

Thanks until next time, don't forget all of our other great products:
Moonwalker Signed Panoramas -
Panoramic Photographic Prints -
Giant Panoramic Posters -
Alan Bean Art Prints -
Hand made Space Models -
Mike Constantine

Moonpans Newsletter November 2005

Charlie Duke Hand Written Autographed Letters

".....I looked up into the blackness of the lunar sky and directly over my head was the blue and white jewel of Earth!....."

Apollo 16 Moonwalker Charlie Duke has kindly supplied with a small number of hand written letters, that brilliantly describe his amazing voyage to the moon.

This is one of the greatest Apollo Astronaut hand written items there is, as Charlie writes with such great enthusiasm about each stage of the Apollo 16 mission. The entire piece is 100% Hand Written in blue ink on a side of Charlie's own headed letter paper and measures approximately 8x10 inches.

One of these letters sold for over $1000 at a recent auction!

You can get it from for less than half that!
But hurry, as they wont be around for long!

Also there is still time to participate in the Charlie Duke Custom Moonpans signing! Have a panorama signed, personalised and inscribed the way you want it!

Coming soon new Gene Cernan Signed Panoramas
Showing Gene at the Rover during EVA3
Email us if you would like advanced notice when they are ready!
Mike Constantine