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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Here is the latest newsletter from

New Dick Gordon Flown Artifacts

We have just added two new great Flown Artifacts from Dick Gordon's Personal Collection:

Apollo 12 Large US Flown Flag
11.5 x 8 inch US Flag flown to Lunar Orbit, mounted along with Apollo 12 mission patch, Comes with Dick Gordon COA

Apollo 12 Flown Food Re-hydration Package
This un-used food re-hydration package was flown to Lunar Orbit during the Apollo 12 mission in November 1969. Comes with Dick Gordon COA

Grumman Lunar Module Official Contractors Model
This 6inch tall Lunar Module Model was manufactured for Grumman by Precise Models, Inc. prior to the Apollo 11 moon landing

10x8 Inch Signed photos

Valentina Tereshkova uncommon photo showing Tereshkova eating space food with, "First Woman In Space" plus mission and dates added

Buzz Aldrin on the lunar surface beside the US Flag with 'First Lunar Landing" and "Apollo XI" added

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dick Gordon Flown Artifacts

We are pleased to announce that Apollo 12 Command Module Pilot, Dick Gordon has just sent us some more artifacts from his personal collection. What better way can there be to obtain historic space memorabilia than direct from an Apollo Astronaut!

The newly added artifacts include:

Dick Gordon's Flown Apollo 12 Robbins Medallion
Flown on Apollo 12 and minted from a silver ingot recovered from a Spanish Shipwreck in 1715 

Dick Gordon's Flown Gemini XI Fliteline Medallion (Gold)
Sterling silver with a gold plating, this Fliteline medallion flew to Earth Orbit aboard Gemini XI in September 1966
Six Flown Landing Site Landmark Maps
These maps which have been printed onto satin finish photographic paper show Fra Mauro (Apollo 14 landing site) and the Descartes Region (Apollo 16 Landing site) of the Moon, and were used by Command Module Pilot, Dick Gordon while he orbited the moon during the Apollo 12 mission.

Plus some other non flown items

All items can be found at 

Thanks for looking

Mike Constantine

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Alan Bean Art Prints

We have given our Alan Bean Art Prints page a complete overhaul, and added all of the currently available limited edition art prints and Giclee Canvas prints. Each has been hand signed by Alan Bean with many being co-signed by other Astronauts such as Alan Shepard, Pete Conrad and Harrison Schmitt

Apollo 12 Flown Checklist Card Acrylics

Following on from our Apollo 14 and Apollo 16 Flown Artifact Acrylics, we are happy to announce our new Apollo 12 Flown Acrylic presentations.

Measuring 7 inches wide, 3 inches high and 1.5 inches thick, this presentation is a very high quality and spectacular piece, made by actual acrylic casting, and containing a large tri-angular piece of checklist cover card that flew to lunar orbit on Apollo 12

Apollo 17 Medallions with Flown To The Lunar Surface Metal

Moonpans released these Apollo 17 medallions in 2013 and they have been one of the most popular items we have ever sold. Each Medallion has been minted partly using metal that was Flown To The Lunar Surface.

The Medallions come housed in a protective plastic case, plus you get a free plastic stand and a Moonpans COA card

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Apollo 8 Flown Flag and Apollo 11 Autographs

Here is the latest newsletter from for January 2014

We have been busy framing two very nice items

Aside from Apollo 11, Apollo 8 was the most historic and daring of all the Apollo missions, being the first mission ever to send humans away from their home planet and into Lunar Orbit. And so flown items from this mission are very sort after. And none more so than a US Flag, this one affixed to an Official NASA presentation card and framed using archival materials and UV protective glazing

A magnificent large framed piece featuring a Neil Armstrong signature in black ink on white card and a 20x16 inch photo signed by Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, showing the Lunar Module ascent stage returning from the lunar surface to re-dock with Collins in the Command Module all while the Earth rises above the lunar horizon.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Farmyard Piano make top 5 best ipad apps for kids

Farmyard Piano the iPad app designed by Moonpans Apps has made the top 5 best iPad apps for kids by

Farmyard Piano is fun musical app for kids where you can play a musical keyboard made up entirely from farmyard animals sounds

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Apollo 11 and Jim Lovell Autographs

Hi All
Happy New Year
Here is the first newsletter of 2013 from
This impressive piece contains the un-personalized signatures of all 3 Apollo 11 Crew, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins on their White Space Suit Portraits. Framed along with NASA and Apollo 11 3" patches and brass plaque. Armstrong comes with Steve Zarelli COA

These 20x16 inch photos showing the Damaged Service Module have been signed by Jim Lovell who has added "Houston We've Had A Problem" and "Apollo 13 CDR". We have also added a hand full of photos that have been signed by both Jim Lovell and Apollo 13 LMP Fred Haise. Also available from last year are Fred Haise only signed photos

This is a consecutive set of 4 pages from the Apollo 17 Flown to Lunar Surface G&N Dictionary Checklist the first page of which has been signed and inscribed by Gene Cernan as 'Flown To The Lunar Surface - Gene Cernan"
The 4 Pages (8 sides) come stored in archival sleeves inside a bespoke Apollo 17 embossed ring binder

After being sold out we have just re-stocked a hand full of Mike Collins signed 16x20inch of the LM returning from the Lunar Surface just as Earth Rises over the horizon

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Mercury 7, Buzz Aldrin and Dick Gordon Autographs

One of the holy grails of Space Collecting, a 10x8 inch photo signed by ALL SEVEN of the Mercury Astronauts, Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra, Gordon Cooper and Deke Slayton

After being sold out for months, we have finally got some new Buzz Aldrin signed 16x20 inch and Panoramic photos. The 16x20 shows the classic visor shot in very high quality and also with a straightened horizon. The panorama is a 40x8 inch showing the landing site with Buzz and LM Eagle in the distance.

These 20x16 inch photos show a stunning shot of Copernicus Crater taken from the Apollo 12 Command Module, Yankee Clipper. There are 2 choices, one with a standard signature and mission, and one with 'Copernicus From Yankee Clipper' added